back in 2010

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so i took a break
stepped away from the blog
needed a break
during the holidays
it was crazy
and i was exhausted
but now im back
i promise i will start again

the weather is chilly
gets down to 30s at night
feels like home
minus the snow

so life is good
work has been fun
lots of people
during the holidays
crazy numbers in the park
but its fun
creating magic
why we are here

it was hard
not being home for christmas
but im going home
january 13
taking a break
put my feet up
see friends
have a good time

so welcome back
gonna test the waters again
here we go 2010



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october 2009

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there are days
u want to hide
the day drags
its hard to go on
but u must

knows no holiday
the show must go on

u got to find the light
the yellow
the balance

wheres the fire
after the show
2 guys approach me
offer me a pin
and a story

they work for mack trucks
used to design fire trucks
but not anymore

in town for a conference
safety is the topic
stopped by the park
to see how we do
regarding safety

said i did an amazing job
helping families be safe
very impressed

the pin
bull dog
their symbol

he gave it to me
for my enthusiasm
he said it is very rare
they dont give them to anyone
in fact he only had 5

he took my name
to share with mack
what we do

so thank you
u helped me find the yellow
why we get up there
in front of the lights

its not a broken record
every show new
endless possibilities

find the light
find the yellow
reach out
grab it
its there



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one year ago
i was at regis and kelly
a dream come true
meeting kelly
seeing regis
feet away
pure yellow
lifted me

halloween segment
snickers bars
regis takes one
throws it to me
i still have it
at home
on my desk

fast forward
my disney interview
professional internship
spring 2010

tonight as we closed
i was given a snickers bar
fun size

full circle today
i feel lucky
fingers crossed

let my past speak
prove i can do it
i have the experience

other rumors swirling
when there is news
i will report
my life is my life
on we go
step back
hold on
stop with the questions
they are rumors
good for tabloids
let me shine


shout out

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thanks to pat moran
mcla beacon
for the shout out
in his recent feature
travelling abroad

round 2

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i submitted an application
professional internships
event planning

my interview is tuesday morning

wish me luck
kind of nervous
let my past speak
i can do this
eyes closed
hands tied
easy as pie
hope i havent lost my touch

new webisode coming
sunday night
it returns
stay tuned
no trivia this time
wax on wax off
u cant fail unless you try

my first private post
coming soon
you will need a password to read
a good story
you wont want to miss

thats it for now
big stuff this weekend
so stay tuned
come back
read enjoy